USIT’s Total By-Product Management System (BPM) is our version of managing the entire “By-Product Spend” under 1 roof. BPM has been our core expertise since 1996.

Our team has implemented numerous successful Total BPM programs though out the US. USIT offers BPM services to help your organization gain maximum efficiencies via progressive waste management solutions, industrial cleaning options and recycling support. With USIT as your partner, you can improve compliance, reduce cost, minimize waste and better manage your organization’s facilities. We have a reputation for providing experienced, highly-qualified professionals that make your environmental programs their highest priority. We help you save time and resources without sacrificing results.


Zero Waste Key Factors:

  • Develop and administer cost-effective waste management solutions, recycling, and total by-product support.
  • Package, track, manifest, transport, and dispose of your organization’s hazardous waste, regulated waste and recyclable materials.
  • Implement practices that emphasize safety, cost effectiveness and compliance.
  • Produce reports required by your organization, as well as those required by law.
  • Provide regulatory, safety and technical support to your operations.
  • Act as your single point of contact with for any issue.
  • Handle all paperwork associated with the logistics of your wastes and by-products.