U.S. Industrial Technologies, Inc. specializes in custom industrial waste recycling. We have secured many contracts to assist in resourcing new plant recycling options. Below are a few examples of the opportunities that may be of interest to you.

1. Parts Washer Recycling:

  • The use of virgin 142′ flash mineral spirits can be used after it’s spent as an ingredient in roof lapping compounds.
  • Elimination of a hazardous waste stream, and 100% recycling on the outbound.

2. Non Hazardous Absorbent Recycling:

  • Option 1: Launder/Return of Polypropylene absorbent material.
  • Option 2: Waste to Energy-Recovery of all absorbent materials.

3. On-site Oil Recycling:

  • Cleaning and reconditioning of used oils that can be refurbished and certified cleaner than virgin oil.
  • Elimination of an outbound waste stream and liability. Also, reduces continuous purchases of new oil.

4. Aerosol Can Recycling:

  • Cans are crushed/compacted, residuals are drained and collected for fuel blend or incineration. Vapors are stripped and metal sent out for reclamation.

5. Isocyanate Recycling:

  • Unused isocyanate that can be shipped as product and used in various foam or plastic manufacturing processes.

6. Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials:

  • Dry, Non Hazardous waste materials that can be used as an ingredient in cement manufacturing.
  • IE: Fly Ash, Contaminated Soil, Industrial Dusts, Tires.

7. Universal Waste Recycling:

  • Decommissioning of fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and mercury containing devices.

8. Asset Recovery:

  • The recycling and or decommissioning of all types of computer or electronic equipment.
  • IE: Computers, Electronic Equipment, Starters, Alternators, etc.

9. Waste to Energy:

  • Non-hazardous industrial wastes that are incinerated for steam/energy recovery.

10. COMMODITY Recycling:

  • The identification, consolidation, and recycling of standard materials that may be generated at your plant.
  • IE: Cardboard, Plastic, Paper, Pallets, Office Printer/Copy Cartridges.

11. Air Filter Cleaning/ Recycling:

  • Mobile, fully automatic dry air filter cleaning system. Mobile equipment uses computerized sequence of compressed air, vacuum, vibration, and rotation to thoroughly clean cylindrical air filters.

12. Gas Cylinder Recycling:

  • Segregated gas extraction from cylinder, empty cylinders either reconditioned or melted for metal reclamation.

13. Solvent Recycling:

  • On-Site or Off-Site waste solvent recycling options. Turnkey toll, blend, and/or recycle options for most solvent related wastes.

14. SCRAP STEEL Recycling