USIT Mop Water Recycling Unit (MWRU)
Why pay to transport and dispose of your dirty mop waters/waste waters, when you can filter and re-use many times. USIT can provide your company with fully automated recycling system that will filter out dirt and light oils for re-use. Once filtered the cleaned affluent can be re-used for floor scrubbing applications or discharged to the local POTW. This process eliminates transportation and disposal, as well as purchasing new water and soaps.
Lighter Industrial applications

  • 48”x48”x48” Unit
  • Process 2000 gallons per day
  • Standard 110 Outlet
  • Easy filter change out system


USIT Waste Water Treatment System
USIT’s wastewater treatment system economically removes oils, metals, suspended solids, and other contaminates from dirty water. USIT is pleased to present affordable and intelligent WWT Technology for small to medium volume generators. Our system is a very attractive alternative to haul away services, and other treatment technologies. Our objective is to provide our clientele with results which are simple, safe and cost effective.

Our systems patented, one step powder treatment is the heart of the technology. With this system, the equipment, and our one step powder is all that is required. There is no need for a highly skilled technician. There is no need for an array of different sensitive chemicals, laboratory supplies and equipment. Unlike traditional waste water treatment chemicals (acids, harsh caustics, etc), our treatment powders are safe for workers, and require no special storage or handling.

Cost per gallon is typically less than 1/3 the cost per gallon to haul out. ROI on equipment is usually within a few short months. Additional savings may be realized when the treated fluids can be re-used within the plant, since our technologies will leave the costly soaps in the water. Bottom Line: a reduction in waste water handling costs equals increased profit for your business!