­USIT Mop Water Dump Station


Are you looking for a convenient, ergonomically friendly option to dump and transfer any waste related fluids?  USIT manufacturer’s industrial strength mop water dump/transfer stations.  These units have been designed to accept many types of waste fluids i.e.: mop and related wastewaters.


As fluid is dumped into our Mop Station, the provided aluminum strainer basket captures larger debris, mop strings, paper, etc.  The unit is equipped with an onboard, float activated sump pump that then transfers fluid to your desired collection vessel.


USIT Dump Station Unit Specifications:


Model 321

  • Can Deliver 15gpm @ 19’ of head
  • Dimensions: 3’L x 2’W x 1’H
  • (1) Aluminum Straining Basket
  • Requires 115vac / 15 amp electrical outlet


Model 461-HO

  • Can Deliver 30gpm @ 30’ of head
  • Dimensions: 6’L x 4’W x 1’H
  • (2) Aluminum Straining Baskets
  • Ideal for larger facilities where central collection point is utilized for accumulation
  • Requires 115vac / 15 amp electrical outlet.